The Vice~Versa exchange program is committed in supporting visual artists from India to other countries and reciprocally with similar accorded host institutions that are a part of the exchange charter in advancing bilateral relations.

The Foundation is a space where artists work and conduct research in contemporary art, through the convergence of theory and practice.

Artist are encouraged to explore, experience and understand other cultures, their beliefs and diversity, leading to an exchange of ideas that will manifest in areas not present in their work.

Of significance and importance is to realise curatorial programs of definition, that will lead to documented exhibitions between partnering countries. Promoting contemporary art of our times and space, coalescing a regional character with a universal perspective,

The first exchange charter was signed in 2012 between the Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China and the Vice~Versa Foundation, Goa, India wherein artist from India were offered on application and selection a fully paid residency (Fellowship) by the Vice~Versa Foundation (inclusive of airfare, studio and stipend) in Beijing, China and artist from China were invited to Goa, India, to undertake a residency at the Vice~Versa Foundation. They were provide with a studio, lodge, board and a stipend, the participating artist were nominated by the Beijing Shangyuan Art Museum from Beijing in China. (PDF catalogue available for download on left-hand corner)

One of the positive outcome of the residencies in China saw the realization of an Indo-China watercolour exhibition, curated by two of the awarded artist recipients, George Martin and Avijit Dutta, entitled 'Tradition and Transition', a watercolours exhibition from India and China at the Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad. These two artist were selected for the Indo-China exchange program in 2013 and 2014 respectively and were emboldened to undertake this project through the auspices of the Vice~Versa Foundation.

In all the foundation invests in the principal quotient of visual manifestation across borders and boundaries connecting within a sphere of shared understanding of our likeness and differences.