Saskia Gall

born in 1987, she is from the United Kingdom. She has studied at The Art Academy, London (2014) and has an MA in History of Art from Edinburgh University (2010).

She was Awarded the Rome Art Program Scholarships in 2012 and Edwin Russell Sculpture Scholarship in 2014 and is the recipient of The Wolfendale Prize and The Art Academy RP Drawing Prize in 2013, and The Art Academy Mixed Media Prize in 2014.

Saskia has participated in group exhibitions in London and New York.

    My work is driven by the desire to explore and define my own existence and through it I seek dialogue with age old concerns of the human psyche... Can, and if so how, can a work of art be imbued with this psychological power- while singular and inert- can it take on this magical quality- if in the eye of the beholder, then how can the work draw the viewer into a psychological state that will allow for this magic, this connection to something deep inside of them- to mirror their own psyche, to suggest the weight of the human condition, and the eternity of nature.

Top Left: ‘Calling in the Night’ - 30” x 24“ - oils on canvas
Down Right: ‘Ayyappan’ - 49” x 30“ - oils on canvas