..The Doors of Perception...

The concept of having artist retreats is to converge creative exponents from different locations at an elected environment for the mutual exchange of contemporary beliefs and ideas, encompassing the visual landscape across borders and boundaries, to work together and facilitate their interaction with each other and as well as with interested aesthetes.

The first Artist Retreat in conjunction with the Seminar was held in September 2005, from the 17th to 23rd at the Marriott Resort in Panjim, Goa. Vice~Versa had invited ten of India’s important and significant artists, into a stage of imaginative impression and collective synergy.

The second Artist Retreat was held in August 2011 from the 25th to 31st. Ten artists were invited from across India, who were in residence at our four heritage homes in Goa, located in Colvale, Saligao, Chicalim and Loutolim for a time of drawn inspiration from the cultural spaces.

The third Artist Retreat was held in Havana, Cuba from the 26th of May to 4th of June 2012 entitled Arabian Sea 2d Caribbean Sea, wherein fourteen of India’s important and celebrated artists, including one emerging artist of Goa, were invited to a time of exploration and invention across continents.

There is a perceptive focus to promote latent emerging artists from Goa, who are selected and given the opportunity to interact with elder and established proponents in the field.

The works created in these retreats complement the permanent art collection of the Foundation, wherein they are exhibited, archived and catalogued.

The Foundation's compass in this sphere is to find and provide a meaningful interaction in the artistic field of expression, giving source and dimension to the sensibilities, generating awareness and exposing the process of picture-making to the general municipal, thereby contributing to the cultural landscape and the world of visual art.