Anaïs Pitalier

born in 1985, she is from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. She is a graduate from Palazzo Spinelli, Florence, Italy (2006) and Strasbourg University of Social Sciences in ethnology and anthropology (2015).

She has exhibited her work in Europe, America and Australia, and has been awarded many prizes including the ‘Salon de La Rochelle’ (2010) and ‘Golden Hand’ (2013) in France.

She practices and teaches the traditional European painting technique of egg tempera, the preparation of colours with flowers and stones to the complete use of nature as the principal raw material for its creation. From the laying of gold leaf to painting, these ancient techniques are her source of inspiration and creativity.

    Her paintings represent intimate moments of her life and especially the emotions that are related to them. She attaches particular importance to light and the relative symbology derived. Each painting is a unique piece of realization of one point in her life and they correspond to an intimate story.

Top Right: ‘Chaos’ - 15” x 22“ - gouache on canvas board
Down Left: ‘Boats’ - 22” x 15“ - gouache on canvas board