Georgia Hughes

born in 1990, she is from the United Kingdom, she graduated from Nottingham Trent University, London (2012), studied at the Fondazione Lisio, Florence, Italy (2013) and has an MA from West Dean College, Visual Arts, Chichester, UK (2016).

She was awarded the Edward James Bursary MA Funds consecutively in 2015 and 2016 and has exhibited her works in the United Kingdom and India.

Georgia has attended the ASHA Silk Drawloom Workshop in Varanasi (2012-13), India and Pilotenkueche Residency, Leipzig, Germany (2017).

     She speaks of her practice as a combination of contemporary display of materials, alongside traditional and hand crafted pieces of work. The work is versatile and continues to feed into other areas of craft. Though the main medium is drawing and textiles, her work draws on an ongoing interest in theatre and stage setting. Compositions involve combinations of printed and natural dyed silks and collected fabric, highly detailed pencil drawings, and sculptural constructions including found objects and reclaimed pieces of what is perceived to be antique furniture. The resulting installations with their mix of collaged pattern, textile and work on paper, are designed to suggest narratives relating to dramatic spaces experienced within communities where she has lived and worked in. The theme of costume, both as an object and an indication of identity, is also integral, exaggerating a depiction of relative intuitive responses to colour and a sense of theatrical narrative in her work.

Top Left: ‘Spaothodea Campanulata’ - 11.5” x 16“ - graphite on paper
Top Right: ‘Study for Man in Baroque Beanie’ - 11.5” x 16“ - graphite on paper
Down Right : ‘Study For Theatrical Character ’ - 11.5” x 16“ - graphite on paper