Brinda Chudasama Miller

studied at Sir J.J. School of Art which she completed in 1979. She also studied drawing and painting at the Parsons School of Design, New York in 1989.

Since 1982, Brinda has had 14 solo exhibitions.: January 1982 Urja Art Gallery – Baroda. August 1984 : Taj Art Gallery – Mumbai. April 1986 : Taj Art Gallery - Mumbai . January 1987 : Grindlays Bank – Mumbai. September 1987 : Shridharani Gallery - New Delhi. May 1989 : Taj Art Gallery – Mumbai. December 1990 : Taj Art Gallery – Mumbai. August 1995 : Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai. August 1999 : Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai. March 2003 : Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai. October 2005 : Museum Art Gallery – Mumbai. November 2005 : Visual Arts Gallery - New Delhi. November 2008 : Museum Art Gallery – Mumbai. February 2011 : Tao Art Gallery- Mumbai.

Brinda has been part of several group shows and has participated and organized several workshops and art camps. She has been Festival Curator of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since 2007 and has been a protagonist in bringing this festival to it present popularity. She has been with the Kala Ghoda Association almost since its inception since 2000 as Executive Committee member and involved in the beautification of this now famous Art District of Mumbai which hosts the only major multicultural festival in Mumbai. At present, Brinda is the Hon. Chairperson of The Artists’ Centre.

Brinda describes her work “Rich earth chromatic tones touched by an inner luminosity dominate my large canvases. They are coloured with a subtle vibrancy and are set against jewel tones- oranges and indigos surrounded by swathes of inky black and smoldering reds

An intuitive sense of rhythm, colour and volume ,energize my work. Form and abstraction appear to merge in a continuous interplay of light and shadow. My painterly journey has taken me on a quest to intimately understand and manipulate materials so that their inherent strengths are used to create compositions like an alchemist driven to extract precious metals from chemical configuration of a formula, a spectrum of mediums and techniques conjure an organic warp of texture and form that attempt to capture the tonal energy with multiple layers of chromatic imprints of masked zones.”

Brinda lives and works in Mumbai.
CLOUD BURST 48" x 60" - mixed media on canvas - 2011
UNTITLED 24" x 23" - mixed media - 2011
2011 3 1