born in 1991, Alicia is from the United Kingdom, she graduated from Kingston University, London in 2013, after studying at Camberwell College of Art in 2010..

On graduating she began an apprenticeship with artist Brian McCann, working on the show ‘Figuring’ at the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

Alicia has exhibited in London, having a solo show in 2015 after winning the Ibis Sleep Art Award. In 2017 she completed a residency at Kingsbrae Gardens in Canada and worked at the Natural History Museum, London as a part of auditing the Banksian21 collection.

    She speaks of her practice as a combination of both drawn and written, inspired by organic materials. She has been creating an imaginary world - ‘Perpetuia’ for over a decade, that is inspired by places she have visited, read and researched. “The real and relatable feed into the imagined, we cannot alter the physics of the world, our palette is limited to what lies around us to reconstruct into new imagined beings. This limitation should not be a disadvantage but is the main focus point of what I strive to achieve through my practice and endeavour to find new ways of integrating this into broader projects that elevate from my work in ‘Perpetuia’ and into the wider world.”

Apart from being a promising insightful artist and chronicler of the real and imagined, Alicia is an exceptional poet, click on the scroll icon below to read the poem written at the residency.

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Elizabeth and The Looking Glass - 14-02-2018

Top: ‘The Looking Glass of the Algae Tower’ - 38.5” x 16.5“ - graphite on paper
Down: ‘The Portrait of Lady Elizabeth ’ - 10” x 6.5“ - graphite on paper